promise to adam assignment

This is Adam London. He was killed in a motor vehicle accident on August 23, 2010. Adam was only 17 years old, about to enter his senior year at Newton High School. Please continue on to learn more about Adam and his story.

About the Campaign

We are the family and friends of Adam London, our son, brother, grandson, teammate, friend and shining light. Because he was taken from us too soon, and because he need not have died, we are channeling our sorrow into this movement, the Promise to Adam campaign.

It started as a simple plea, from Adam’s mother and father, to his many friends who gathered together the day after he died. They said simply, “Promise us, please promise us, that you will wear a seatbelt, that you won’t speed, that you won’t engage in risky behavior when you drive, that you will stop your friends from doing this. We cannot bear to see another family go through this grief.”

And from this plea, a movement was born. We ask that all young drivers sign a pledge form making their Promise to Adam. Discuss this with your parents; educate yourself about the dangers of risky driving. Send your Promise to us. Consider it a contract, follow its dictates, honor Adam London by honoring your pledge — so that he will not have died in vain.

We encourage you to please sign the pledge to end distracted driving.

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