Adam Michael Spivak London, March 19, 1993-August 23, 2010

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On the night of August 23, 2010, 17-year old Adam London of Newton, MA died in a single-car accident, after losing control of his vehicle in heavy rain and slamming into a tree.  He died instantly.

  • It was not late at night:  it was 9:46 PM.
  • This was not the highway:  Adam was on a small secondary road, driving to a friend’s house.
  • This was not unfamiliar territory:  Adam was just a few blocks from his home.

When the ambulance arrived at the scene, Adam was in the backseat of his car.  Emergency workers had to use the “jaws of life” to extract him.  A photo of the car tells the story.

It was revealed shortly after the accident that Adam had been speeding and was not wearing a seatbelt.  Adam had earned his driver’s license only 5 weeks earlier – and, like so many young men and women, felt he was invincible.  He had trace alcohol in his bloodstream — far from legally drunk, but was it enough to make him behave rashly?  Perhaps.  We will never know.

From the despair that followed his death, Adam’s family created the “Promise to Adam” campaign which asks young drivers (and everyone) to sign a pledge form concerning risky behavior and driving.  You can download the form here or fill one out online.  The response has been overwhelming.  The day of Adam’s funeral, more than 100 students signed the pledge – and close to 4000 have followed since (as of 2/27/12).  From throughout the U.S. and beyond, from children as young as 4, from students, fathers, mothers and grandparents — so many of you recognize the need to drive with greater care.

Click here to see our new “parent/guardian promise” — we are now asking parents to sign up and take an active role in the lives of their teens while also modeling safe driving habits.

To honor Adam, and all the young souls that have perished needlessly in auto accidents, make your Promise to Adam — or make your Parent/Guardian Promise.  So that Adam will not have died in vain.  Promise yourself and your loved ones that you will not engage in any risky behavior when you drive.  Here’s why.

Once we receive a pledge, we will keep a copy for Adam’s family and will mail a copy back to you.  We hope you consider it a binding contract.  In addition, many have noted gratefully that the pledge has spurred long-overdue discussions about driving and risky behavior.  We encourage these discussions, because while it’s never too early, it can be too late.

Click here to read about our beloved Adam, a brilliant star.  Click here to read an insightful children’s book that Adam wrote when he was in 5th grade (2003-04).

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