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About the Campaign

We are the family and friends of Adam London, our son, brother, grandson, teammate, friend and shining light. Because he was taken from us too soon, and because he need not have died, we are channeling our sorrow into this movement, the Promise to Adam Campaign.

It stated as a simple plea, from Adam’s mother and father, to his many friends who gathered together the day after he died. They said simply, “Promise us, please promise us, that you will wear a seat belt, that you won’t speed, that you won’t engage in risky behavior when you drive, that you will stop your friends from doing this. We cannot bear to see another family go through this grief.”

And from this plea, a movement was born. We ask that all young drivers sing a pledge form, making their Promise to Adam. Discuss this with your parents; educate yourself about the dangers of risky driving. Send you promise to us. Keep a copy for yourself and put it somewhere close, somewhere that you will see it everyday to remind yourself of the pledge you took. Consider it a contract, follow its dictates, honor Adam London by honoring your pledge–so that he will not have died in vain.

We will never know of the accident that doesn’t happen, but you will know if you chose that smarter path one night, or made your friend do the same. Every time you make a better choice, you may be saving a life. Do it for yourself, do it for your family and friends.

We are excited to add the Parent/Guardian Promise to our campaign. We ask parents and guardians to sign a pledge that they too will not engage in risky driving behaviors and, further, that they will actively monitor teen activities in their homes–and openly communicate with on another. As the saying goes, “it takes a village…”

We will carry this message forward, by making presentations in schools, in driver education courses, to teams, to anyone and everyone who is willing to listen. Contact us if you would like to make a presentation in your school or other forum.

Please note: we are incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a non-profit corporation and are registered as a charitable organization with the Massachusetts Attorney Generals Office; in addition, we are presently seeking 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status from the IRS.

Media Presence

There have been many news stories about our campaign.  One of the most compelling was published in the Boston Globe in late September (2010), written by the gifted columnist, Kevin Paul Dupont.  Other amazing recent articles have appeared in the Newton (MA) Tab, including two opinion pieces written by Adam’s mother, Barbara Spivak (6/21/11 and 3/2/11), and terrific articles by Tab writer Steve Annear (4/6/11 and 10/27/10):

Newton (MA) Tab Newspaper (Spivak, 6/21/11)

Newton (MA) Tab Newspaper (Annear, 4/6/11)

Newton (MA) Tab Newspaper (Spivak, 3/2/11)

Newton (MA) Tab Newspaper (Annear, 10/27/10)

Boston Globe, “A Son Lost, A Promise to Keep” (9/26/10)

Other stories and interviews about our campaign include the following:

Newton (MA) Tab Newspaper (12/8/10) — re: Newton South Event

The Comment, Bridgewater State Univ. (11/18/10) — re: Promise Event

Brookline (MA) Tab (11/8/10) — re: Presentation at Brookline High

Her Campus Online Magazine — Article by Katie London (10/21/10)

Newton (MA) Patch Online Newspaper (10/19/10)

NECN TV (9/24/10)

Boston Globe, Stories to Inspire (9/22/10)

Newtonite Newspaper (Newton North H.S.) (9/17/10)

WCVB TV Boston (9/15/10)

Newton (MA) Tab Newspaper (9/10/10)

WBZ TV Boston (9/1/10)

Newton (MA) Tab Newspaper (9/1/10)

Fox News TV Boston (8/27/10)

Lion’s Roar Newspaper (Newton South H.S.) (9/10/10)



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