Adam’s Story

“I wish I could say he lived a full life but he was robbed of so much.  He was a good kid on the path to become a great man.”

–Katie London

Since his freshman year in high school, Adam had been a part of the varsity lacrosse team; he was the high school’s starting goalie and a team leader.  He spent a portion of the summer before his death teaching younger kid’s lacrosse, passing on his enthusiasm for the sport at his high school’s youth lacrosse camp.

But there was so much more to Adam.  Adam was a twin to his sister Lizzy, a younger brother to his siblings Katie and Eric, and a delight to his parents, Howard and Barbara.  He had a seemingly endless circle of friends. He had a wonderful girlfriend, whom he loved more than he cared to admit.

Adam was confident; he “had swagger and he knew it,” said his older sister Katie.  Friends noted that Adam had “presence” and would light up a room when he entered.  But Adam’s infectious “presence” was rooted in a sincere regard for those around him.  His interest in others was not an act; he wanted to know about you, he truly cared.  He was the one his friends would talk to, in times of need.

He was notably smart and wildly funny.  Person after person describe Adam as “the funniest person I have ever known.”  He knew how to converse with anyone; he enjoyed his friends, as they did him.  His jokes would always elicit peals of laughter.

He had endless promise, an abiding curiosity about the world, and a real drive to succeed.

Adam London was just 17 when he died, the night of August 23, 2010.  He was two weeks shy of beginning his senior year at Newton North High School.

“That cliché that someone is full of life – you know – that was Adam.  It might be a cliché but this kid just lived a high intensity life,” –Howard London


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