Apps & Gadgets


We know that texting while driving is an ongoing safety issue within our community. We have created a list of reputable apps and gadgets that help prevent distracted driving and track the driving habits of your loved ones.


Drive Safely – Available in the Google Play Store

Using Drive Safely Keep Focused is a great way of working actively towards the ideal of safe roads. Their mission is to make roads a safe place for you and your loved ones.

iText Guard –  Available in the App Store

iText Guard provides a turnkey solution for parents, corporations and adult cell phone users alike to limit the capabilities of the cell phone while the phone is in motion. One of the unique features is the ability to choose the speed at which the features of the phone will become disabled. 

LifeSaver App  – Available in the Google Play Store | Available in the App Store

Eliminate Texting & Driving for you or a loved one. This free app auto-detects driving and locks down your phone behind the wheel. LifeSaver also has a parent portal feature that allows you to view your loved one’s driving habits. 

Lock and Drive – Available in the Google Play Store | Coming Soon to the App Store

Lock and Drive is the reliable way you as a parent can protect your child and/or loved ones from this growing epidemic once and for all. Because you can’t be there all the time.

TextNinja – Available in the Google Play Store | Coming Soon to the App Store

Text Ninja uses real-time information from the car to determine exactly when to silence distractions.The app runs quietly in the background of the phone and doesn’t impede the phone’s other functions. Text Ninja uses positive incentives to keep users engaged and improve their safe driving habits.

Thumb Tied – Available in the Google Play Store

An Anti-Distracted Driving Application that helps the driver’s focus stay on the road. Thumb Tied senses when you are driving and prevents the use of text messages and other apps that may distract you from driving your vehicle.

Gadgets :

Fleet Mode – Distracted Driving Prevention

Distracted driving puts employees, customers and everyone else at a high risk of injury, and poses a significant risk to your business. FleetMode is an easy to use, low cost tool to help you safely manage any size fleet with real-time data and customizable reports.

Groove – Enjoy Your Journey – Distraction-Free

Groove by Katasi connects to the Cloud, letting your mobile phone provider know when you are driving and blocking distractions at the source so you can focus on the drive.

SafeKey – Technology that Saves Lives

SafeKey Corporation was created by a small group of professionals interested in finding ways to reduce the number of impaired drivers and prevent drunk driving on the nation’s roads, while also making it much more difficult for thieves to steal vehicles.