963,000 drivers ages 16-19 were involved in police-reported motor vehicle crashes in 2013, which resulted in 383,000 injuries and 2,865 deaths.

1. The driver was found to have been driving too fast for conditions in 79% of single-vehicle crashes; following too closely in 36% of rear-end crashes, and failed to yield to another vehicle in 43% of angle crashes.

2. The driver was inattentive or engaged in some other non-driving-related activity in 58% of crashes overall (44% of loss-of-control crashes, 89% of road-departure crashes, 76% of rear-end crashes, and 51% of angle crashes).

3. The most frequent potentially-distracting behaviors were conversing or otherwise interacting with passengers and cell phone use.

Statistics brought to you by the AAA Foundation

Distracted driving effects you more than you think. For a more in depth look at these statistics, please visit the AAA Foundation webpage and article.

When asked, 94 percent of Americans said that distracted driving is a major threat to safety for everyone on the road.

1. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), roughly 10 percent of drivers are talking on a cellphone during any given daylight moment.

2. According to numerous studies, distracted driving is at least as bad as, or worse than, driving while drunk.

3. At any given moment, there are 974,000 drivers on the road who are perfectly sober but more impaired than a drunk driver.

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Winter Safety Tips

Winter has officially arrived in New England. Speaking from experience, one of the worst feelings is when you lose control of your vehicle due to black ice. It is important to be cautious at all times during the winter and knowing how to react if/when your car begins to skid. The Auto Insurance Center has created an infographic that helps guide you through the winter months and the safety hazards you may encounter.

Car maintenance during the winter is very important. Making sure that your car has been inspected for the upcoming year is necessary. The Car Care Council recommends that you stay in-tune with your vehicle and the possible issues that could arise. Their guide to a winter-ready car is a great checklist to go through to make sure you are winter ready!

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